We are happy to help our members bring their ideas to life. If you have a script, we would love for our

Writer’s Workshop to look at it. They’ll help you improve your writing, and help get your

script ready for production. Email your scripts to

for review it and great feedback. Please expect 1 – 2 weeks for feedback.


Send Us Your Script

Short Film Club’s Writing Workshop is dedicated to helping our members grow in their knowledge of

storytelling and screenplay writing. We meet every Thursday from 6:30 -8:30 pm in BLB 260,

and we encourage student filmmakers of all levels to join our discussion.

If you are new to Short Film Club, or new to screenwriting in general

we highly recommend the use of screenwriting programs such as Final Draft, Adobe Story, or Celtx.

The following materials can also help in learning the basics of screenplay formatting.