Casting Call


FALL 2016



When: Friday, Feb. 3rd 5:00-9:00PM

Saturday, Feb. 4th 9:00-2:00PM


Where: UNT Campus

Business Leadership Building, room 010

1307 W Highland Street Denton, TX 76201

Extra Info: 
– Anybody is welcome to audition! We are calling all actors and actresses, of all ages and experience levels.
– Come prepared with a 1-2 minute monologue and headshot. Include a resume if you have one.
– A check-in desk will be located outside room 010 and clearly marked with the Short Film Club logo. Please report to check-in upon arrival.
– All minors must be accompanied by a parent.
– All auditions will be filmed for future reference.
– Video submissions accepted, if you cannot make the call dates. Video submissions must be emailed in to before 2:00PM Saturday, Saturaday 17th.  Subject line must read: [Full Name] Video Audition Fall 2016.
In the video:
please slate your name and age, then begin your monologue. Please be sure to have adequate lighting and audio.
In the email: please include the video, resume, headshot, full name and age.
Upon receipt of your video, we will send out an actor information form, to be filled out and returned.
– If you have any questions, please contact us at

Although every audition is archived in our records and accessed by us when casting all future productions,
Short Film Club also produces 4 SFC Official Productions each semester. Representatives from each of the 4
productions will be in attendance to the auditions scouting actors for their pictures.


Information on the 4 SFC Official Productions and the roles they are looking to fill below:


  •  INCHES by William Miracle
    A young woman wakes up after a short hike to her favorite secluded location in the woods to find that she has been attacked. With no help nearby and her legs broken, she must crawl up a hill to the hiking trail, relying on her own will to survive. But she is not alone. Once she reaches the top of the hill she must confront her assailant, who has sinister plans of his own.


  • TWO WAIT ALONE by Jhad Francis
    In the near future, a civil war rages in an unnamed city. In her apartment, a mother lies catatonic, in grief after her daughter has been killed fighting for the rebel side. A wounded young man appears, pulling himself into the apartment, despite the mother’s resistance. Over two days, the two maintain an unwilling coexistence in this space, understanding each other through fragmented conversation. Yet the mother remains distrustful – the man seems to be keeping himself there longer than needed. As the fighting draws closer, the motivations of the young man are revealed. Each character must decide who leaves and who stays in this space, and how to release themselves from shame and loss.


  • EMMIE & FAMILY by Valarie Gold
    Emmie & Family is a drama that focuses on the perspective of a young girl when her mom doesn’t show up for Thanksgiving dinner. Family members go to Emmie to figure out what’s going on and it’s implied that Emmie’s father is abusive towards his wife. After a chaotic family dinner, her father insists he didn’t hurt her mom. Emmie believes him, but it’s never certain if the father is abusive or not.


  • BROCKING by Stephan Tijerina
    Brock has to meet his girlfriends parents for the first time, but there is a huge problem: When Brock gets into a situation that is uncomfortable for him, he feels like he is performing on a theater stage, literally. After embarrassing himself at his girlfriends family dinner, he realizes that he is no longer comfortable with his girlfriend and starts to feel that their relationship is a play.