WW Recap: Feb 2


Thank you so much for coming to our first workshop of Spring 2018! I don’t know about y’all, but I had a freaking BLAST! In summary, Jon Birondo reviewed VISUAL WRITING (link to the presentation below) and we workshopped a delicious slasher film, COTTON EYES.

Mary and Quentin talked about the SHORT SCRIPT CHALLENGE, which you should totally do! This is an amazing opportunity to work in tandem with the Production Workshop and get your short scripts produced! This week’s submission is a 2-3 page ONE SHOT. Send them to the email (sfcwritersworkshop@gmail.com) and we’ll announce next week!

We also voted on next week’s first MOVIE NIGHT (I’ll create an event today on FB) which favored GHOST WORLD, an amazing black comedy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WmCBRkWJ54)

Next week, we’re doing a DOUBLE WORKSHOP for A + B productions! Please come, especially if you’re on those crews! And even if you aren’t, your presence is so vitally important to mine and and everyone else’s happiness, AKA we’d love to see you again!

Another note, thank you all so much for coming to the WW, being active, and participating! You’re all what makes this club amazing whether you’re a shining morning-faced freshman or a wizened upperclassman. You’re all special, beautiful, and, above all else, champions.

– Kenny Severson


PP: Visual Writing