WW Recap: Nov 16

My champions,

Sadly, another semester of WW has come to a close. We went over a lot of basic concepts this semester. For the next semester, we’re going to dive deeper and talk about some more niche topics. Over the break, please continue your hard work: write, write, write, and feel free to send us your scripts anytime (save me from my family)!

Additionally, take some time to read professional screenplays to see how the pros do it. Here are some resources: scriptpipeline.com, A24films.com, indiefilmhustle.com, and simplyscripts.com. Also, check out these amazing YouTube channels: Lessons from the Screenplay, Now You See It, Just Write, and Storytellers. If you have any specific questions/concerns in your writing endeavors, you can always PM me or our other committee members.

On a sentimental note (because you know I love those), I am so honored to have lead this workshop this semester. I couldn’t have asked for a better committee to work and grow alongside.

But, above all else, you, the members of the WW, have inspired me as an artist as well as a human being. You’re all honestly the best people of my life and I am truly grateful that you took that first leap and attended the workshop this semester. You are all talented, dedicated superstars. You are all champions.


With love,