WW Recap: September 14


Thank you so much for attending the WW last night! Once again, you made it such an amazing experience! Thank you so much for your participation and quality feedback!

If you missed it, oh boy, we laughed, we cried, we loved, and we lived. We workshopped both A and B scripts, Love or Live and Pumpkin Police. S/O to our amazing screenwriters, Mary Chavez and Connor Copeland, for being brave and open to the quality constructive feedback from our members! You’re both extremely talented writers and I’m personally excited to see your films/your future projects!

Please come next week as well for we will be doing another double workshop, this time for Truman Kohler-Katz’s Tipless and Tony Casillas’ I Stand Alone! If you’re on one of these productions, why not come out and get excited about your film and get that super sweet sneak peek at the story you’re working on? Even if you’re not involved with those productions, your feedback in the workshop is so invaluable!

Y’all are lit.



Kenny Severson

Writers’ Workshop Head