Production Workshop: Pre/Line Producing Recap

Production Workshop

Pre/Line Producing

Hello, friends, I want to thank everyone who came out this Friday to learn about Producing, you guys rock. I want to apologize for not making a blog post last week, if you are curious to learn more about assistant roles please feel free to message me. You all are so inspiring and I can’t want to see all the amazing things to come!

This week we discussed Pre and Line producing. We started the meeting off by going paper by paper in the Green Light Book. If you have any further questions about the document feel free to meet up with Peyton Fowler, Robert Tagliaferro, or Kenny Severson, we all would love to walk people through the book.

After that, we played a fun game in which we presented one lucky person from the audience with a scenario for them to use their newly learned producing skills to fix!

Next, we split into five groups to start the first half of a two-week challenge, each group was given the task to use the green light book as an outline for pre-producing a film they would make next week!

Finally, we watch three of the shorts we made last week! The challenge was to create a short that advertised a specific assistant role!

The Colorist

Prop Master

First Assistant Camera

Again, thank you all so much for coming out! Next week we will be talking about Directing! Come have fun, learn, and make something silly!




Peyton Fowler


The Production Workshop Committee

Slideshows from this meeting:


Production Workshop 9-15-17