GM Recap 9/26: Communicating with Actors, Blocking

Another Fantastic Meeting!

Tuesday night was an interactive blast from start to finish. First off, congratulations to Savannah Shadle for winning the Photo Story challenge!

You can find info regarding the next challenge, Lyrical Interpretation, on the Member Resources tab at the top right.

We started by reading a monologue from Shawshank Redemption with a fantastic volunteer from the audience. We read through the monologue, and the crowd gave her feedback and communicated how they wanted her to portray the character. Through read after read, we were able to get a monologue we were all satisfied with. Communication is key!

Afterwards, we read through a few situations where volunteers would come to talk to actors in a mock discussion before filming the scene. Thank you to our volunteers for braving the crowd and doing their best!
You can find these situations and play from home HERE.

Finally, we touched on the importance of blocking your film, as well as screen direction and a few golden rules of blocking and camera setup. Zachary and Samantha’s presentation can be seen HERE.

We hope to see you next week! Exciting times are ahead as we jump headfirst into October.