GM Recap 9/12: Producing, Crew Roles Announced

Last night again blew the officers and myself away. The turnout and support this club has received this year has been overwhelming, and we hope to continue the trend.

Starting off the meeting, we held a screening for the Instagram contest submissions. We had 10 entertaining, well-made, and enjoyable submissions to watch through. Congratulations to Collin Alexander for his submission “Soup With Friends” for winning in large fashion!

Our next contest is the Photo Story Contest, which you can view info for on the Filmmaking Challenges page of our website. Submissions are due on the 26th.


We moved onto the main topic of the night. Tayondra Howard led us on a quick guide to producing with Peyton Fowler.

As always, Tayondra is looking for people to produce more shorts, and she will be happy to give you pointers and advice towards achieving your dreams!

You can view the powerpoint HERE.

The Roles

We had 175 applications, which is by far and away a record amount. To the 94 names selected, congratulations!
To the 81 souls that missed out on an Official Production role this semester, fear not. There is so much you can do:

  • The Independent Productions are looking for both films and crew members.
  • Keep it Short is in need of crew members.
  • We still hold our filmmaking challenges for members to stay sharp throughout the semester.
  • Come to the workshops! You can see your scripts get peer reviewed at the writers’ workshop, and you can make an entire short in the production workshop.