Welcome to the Short Film Club Official Blog.

It may seem a little barren as of now, but over the weeks, months, and (hopefully) years to come, this page will be full of content and archives for everything the Short Film Club has done throughout every semester starting today. We, the officers and chairs of Short Film Club, have been proud of our progress in regards to the 2017-18 school year and cannot wait to share it all with you.

As I mentioned, this blog’s purpose is to document and archive the happenings of Short Film Club. We will aim to post roughly once a day. Some of the posts you can expect to see include but are not limited to:

  • Meeting Recaps
  • Weekly Previews
  • Breaking News
  • Film Premieres
  • Keep it Short
  • Member-Generated Editorials
  • Much, much more.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to our ever-expanding club! Thanks to your support, you will never have to worry again about missing a lesson or being “behind” on SFC happenings.

Up next for the club is our 48 Hour Film Race on the weekend of August 25-27. More information will be posted here and on our social medias, and you can also find our registration page under the “film race” tab on this website. This is personally one of my favorite events we put on, so be sure to come out and partake!

I hope you enjoy the remainder of your summer, and we cannot wait to see you this fall!

-Robert Tagliaferro, president