GM Recap: August 29


Or Welcome back!

Last night was our first meeting. We like to count our attendance numbers for the opener, but our records officer lost count at 280. So, THANK YOU all for showing us love last night.

We mainly went over information regarding our productions. Our official production schedule is immediately going into full swing, with our pitch day next Tuesday. You can apply to pitch at the tab above that says “STORY PITCH APPLICATION“. It is first come first serve!

If you’re on the fence about pitching, you can come practice at tomorrow’s Writers’ Workshop. It’s at 6:30pm in RTFP 184, and you will get good pointers from Kenny Severson and his stellar committee.

It is nearly impossible to condense all of the information of last night’s meeting into one blog post, so please come talk to myself or Tayondra after any meeting to receive more information! We will always stay after for you.

Here is the short film we screened last night:
THE HEIST (2017) – Two handsome master criminals are trying to pull off a big heist so they’re putting together the most incredible heist team that has ever heist teamed before.