First Meeting: August 29

Welcome to UNT!

Or, if you’ve been with us before, welcome back!

While you hopefully have been enjoying your summer, going on vacation, getting extra work hours, or anything else, the officers and leadership have put in countless hours planning out the course of the 2017-18 school year for you.

All of that hard work on our end will culminate in our first meeting this coming Tuesday.

You may see this poster around your dorm hall, or in the RTFP building. All of the information is true! We will have our first meeting at 6:30pm on Tuesday in RTFP 184.

In case you’re wondering what to expect: this meeting will largely be informational and will most likely not take up the full two hour time slot we regularly use. We’ll go over our meeting schedule, introduce all of the departments to you, and talk about all of the content we create. Pro tip: Show up early. The room will be full of people well before the start time, so if you want a seat in a chair, come early.

Additionally, the officers and leadership will stay afterwards to meet and chat with you, address any questions you have, and get to know you as much as possible.

We cannot wait for this meeting. We’re so excited to show you what we’ve done over the summer and what you all are going to do this fall. See you Tuesday.

-Robert Tagliaferro