Fall 2017 General Meetings

It’s the time of year when the Leadership of Short Film Club is finalizing every last bit of information. Luckily, today is one of the days where we get to share some details with you!

The Short Film Club officers have never been more excited about the Tuesday night General meetings scheduled for the semester. All of these meetings will be held in the RTFP building room 184 at 6:30 PM.

At each meeting this year, we will not only be watching relevant short films to our lessons, but also member-submitted work weekly. Each lesson is designed to be interactive; we will be doing everything in our power to abandon the regular lecture format to open discussion on the floor and leave room for hands-on activity.

We have 14 Tuesday nights ahead of us this semester, and we’re very excited to share our meeting topics all before the semester. So, without further ado, our meeting topics this fall:

August 29Informational – Welcome (or welcome back) to the Short Film Club! As always, our first meeting is mostly about information regarding the upcoming year. So, come meet the new leadership, hear about what we all do, and what you are going to be doing this fall!

September 5Pitch Day – A crowd favorite every year. The whole club will get together and vote on 35 different short film pitches which determines our four Official Productions for the fall. More information on how to apply to pitch your short film will be available as the event comes closer.

September 12Producing + Casting – We will be breaking down exactly what it takes to produce a short film from start to finish and showing you tips to lighten the load and make your producing experience smoother. Additionally, we will explore the different sides of casting your short film and what “good casting” means as a director and as a producer.

September 19Why? All About Directing – As the title suggests, this meeting will be entirely about questioning filmmaking and treating it subjectively as well as how to answer the question “why”. The discussion will be centered around directing and the decisions directors make.

September 26Communication + Blocking – First, we will talk about the importance of communication between directors and actors on set. Afterwards, we discuss the importance of blocking and the psychology behind character movement within a scene.

October 3Setiquette + Trailers – With Official Productions commencing the following weekend, the Officers will gather to talk about “setiquette” and what it means to have good behavior on a film set. It is the only required meeting for SFC Official Production crew members. Afterwards, we’ll be talking about how to create a great film trailer, and how a trailer hooks its audience.

October 10Genre Theory – After detailing genre theory and the applications of it, the officers will take a look at three unique genres and apply “genre theory” to each one.

October 17Film Movements – The officers will take a look at three unique movements in film, talk about how movements differ from genres, and discuss their importance in today’s film landscape.

October 24Director Analysis – The officers will take a look at two different directors (voted by you!), discuss their auteur signatures and their impact in film history, as well as what makes their style so special.

October 31Halloween Special! Make Up and More – Come in costume! In one of our most hotly anticipated meetings of the year, we will be decked out in costume talking about Special Effects Make Up (with a live demo!), and we’ll also screen some specially curated horror shorts. There will be candy!

November 7Intro to Freelancing – We will take a look at freelance work, marketing and self promotion, and creating reels. This crash course on finding work at your level will also show you situational red flags to accepting jobs as well as good equipment to purchase for gigs. We’ll be joined by special guests!

November 14Camera Movement + The Long Take – In a meeting geared toward cinematography, we will discuss different camera movements and their significance in visual storytelling. Afterwards, we will take our applied knowledge to talk about the fabled long take and what makes a good “oner”.

November 21Movie Night – Normally we don’t hold a meeting during Thanksgiving week, but we know some of our members will still be in town waiting for their final class to go home. So, we’re gonna show a film to be voted on by you!

November 28Documentary + Interviews – We will be introducing the topic of documentaries and showing how to set up a proper interview sequence for documentary film. Additionally, we will have some surprises as this is our last meeting before the long winter break!

We hope you are as excited as we are!

If you have any questions regarding any of these meetings, feel free to email UNTSHORTFILMCLUB@GMAIL.COM.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding the Writing Workshop schedule and Production Workshop schedule. Incredible lessons are in store for the upcoming semester!

Lastly, don’t forget about our film race! We are hosting a mixer at Backyard on Bell on Friday, August 18 at 6pm. All are welcome! Every officer will be there to meet and greet anybody interested in the film race and the club itself. Hope to see you there!

Featured image by Jon Birondo.